Peruvian Food Revolution

It’s amazing how things can change; all the history, geography, agriculture, weather, traditions, flora, fauna placed on one single plate. My grandma was right “food is always the best way to engage people”. In my opinion, this revolution began in the early 90’s and today the Peruvian gastronomy it’s an important component of tourism. Tourists not only seek for new experiences but also want to gain knowledge about the places they are visiting. Learning through food is the funniest and most delicious way to know a country. So, in this blog, I will explain through a timeline some of the important facts of how this revolution began.

Variety of Peruvian Desserts


Fresh salad with cheese – Soltero de Queso 

Foptur (The Tourist Promotion Fund) supports the publish of the book “La Gran Cocina Peruana”(The great Peruvian Cuisine) by Jorge Stambury Aguirre.


Peru began to participate in International Gastronomy Festivals.


  • Peru participated in the Gastronomy Festival carried out in Madrid.
  • PromPeru published a book called “Pisco es Peru” (Pisco is Peru) by Mariella Balbi.


Peru was invited as an honored guest of the “Internationale Tourismus-Börse” in Berlin.

Peruvian Corn


  • It was the first time that Peru participated in Madrid Fusion.
  • PromPeru launched the brand “Peru Mucho Gusto.
  • The Peruvian government recognized the gastronomy as a flagship since they realized our cuisine represents our country.


  • The brand “Peru Mucho Gusto” started it’s tour into Latin America. First stop Chile.
  • PromPeru published a book called “Peru Mucho Gusto.”


  • PromPeru published a book about Teresa Izquierdo, one of the most influential people of the Peruvian cuisine.
  • The book “Peru Mucho Gusto” was awarded in the Gourmand World Cookbook Award.


Peru organized its first Food Fair.



  • During that year, the Society of Peruvian Gastronomy was created. Currently,  they are in charge of the biggest Food Fair in Peru.
  • PromPeru began to organize Food Fairs in other cities.


  • Official Presentation in Lima of the brand “Peru” to the world.
  • The documentary “Peru Nebraska” was presented in Peru and the video became viral on the internet.
  • The Peruvian Gastronomy was distinguished as Cultural Heritage of the Americas.
  • Peru was named the best culinary destiny of the world by the World Travel Award.


  • Ceviche and Pisco were part of the campaign “Recordarás a Perú” launched in Barcelona and Washington.
  • Peru received two awards one for the best green destiny Machu Picchu and the other one for the best culinary destiny granted by the Word Travel Awards 2012.
  • Peru participated as honored guest in the fruit fair in Berlin.
  • Brand “Peru” participated in the first festival “Taste of Peru” in Dubai.
  • The restaurants Astrid and Gaston, and Central appeared in the top 50 best restaurants in the world.
  • Peru organized the first edition of the best 50 restaurants in Latin America and the restaurant Astrid and Gaston won the first place.


Octopus in Olive Sauce


A committee traveled to Berlin, London, Madrid, Milan, and some cities in France to promote Pisco.


  • Peru offered the best of our gastronomy during the gather of the FMI and World Bank Group.
  • Was launched the program “Peru feeds your soul,” and it participated in a festival in Milan.


  • Lima organized the II Gastronomy Forum for Tourist.
  • For the third consecutive time, Restaurant Central was prized as the best restaurant in Latin America. Also, other 9 Peruvian restaurants were part of this list.
  • World Travel Awards named Peru as the Leading Culinary Destination for 2016. It’s an award that Peru has won five years in a row.

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