Welcome to my blog! My name is Katherine Ihl.

I’m from Arequipa – Peru. I moved to Toronto 2 years ago with my husband. It was a tough decision that we made to follow our dreams and also a big challenge that we had to face, a new life was ahead. We left our country, families, and friends to accomplish a goal and after 1 and a half year we did it!  Now we decided to settle down in this beautiful country  and take the opportunity to continue learning and growing as professionals and individuals.img_0928

Through this blog I want to share something about my country. It was hard to choose a theme, because there are million of things to talk about. Fortunately, I remembered some wise words from my grandmother: “Food is always the best way to engage people wherever you are” and she was right!

Nowadays, Peruvian food is becoming more famous not only in Latin America but also around the world. The mixture of ingredients sourced from the Pacific cost, Andes, and Amazon create a diversity of flavors, colors and smells.