1. Aji de Gallina It’s a tasty traditional dish based on chicken and yellow pepper sauce. You can buy frozen yellow peppers or yellow pepper paste. You can find both in any Latin food market. I have to confess that I use yellow pepper paste to save time. It is almost as good as the … More Recipes


In the next two blogs, I will share with you homemade recipes. I have chosen the first two since you can find almost all the ingredients everywhere! 1.Causa Rellena with Chicken:  It’s a fresh dish. This recipe is based on chicken, but you can fill the Causa with other ingredients like tuna, or vegetables. The … More Recipes

Peruvian Food Revolution

It’s amazing how things can change; all the history, geography, agriculture, weather, traditions, flora, fauna placed on one single plate. My grandma was right “food is always the best way to engage people”. In my opinion, this revolution began in the early 90’s and today the Peruvian gastronomy it’s an important component of tourism. Tourists … More Peruvian Food Revolution

Peruvian Pisco

You may be wondering what Pisco is and thinking that the answer will probably be that it’s another typical food, dessert, or the name of an exotic fruit that grows in the jungle. What can be so important to dedicate a whole blog talking about it? Well, the word Pisco for Peruvians means a lot. … More Peruvian Pisco

Peruvian Desserts

After eating a generous lunch or dinner, no matter how full you are, there’s always room for a delicious dessert. I have to confess that after every lunch my stomach will not be happy until I eat something sweet and if it’s a Peruvian dessert, I will feel totally satisfied. I would like to begin with … More Peruvian Desserts