Creole Cuisine

The Creole Cuisine is the fusion between Cost, Andean and Amazon cuisine. Furthermore, thanks to the pre-Inca, Inca, African immigration, French, Chinese Cantonese, Japanese and Italian heritage, is one of the most varied cuisines in the world. Peruvian cuisine is constantly evolving. You can image more than 2000 different soups, 250 traditional desserts and more … More Creole Cuisine

Amazon Cuisine

I have been into the jungle a couple of times, but for business no for vacations. So, it remains on my list of destinations that I would like to return and learn more. I used to travel by airplane from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, a city in the Southeastern of Peru. Nearby to the Manu, … More Amazon Cuisine

Andean Cuisine

I love Peruvian cuisine in general. But if you ask me which is my favorite one, I would definitely say Andean Cuisine. The reason is not difficult to understand; I was born and grew up in Arequipa a beautiful city in the South of Peru surrounded by three volcanoes.  Peruvians feel very proud of their … More Andean Cuisine

Coast Cuisine

Before I got married, I traveled to the North of Peru with my friends. I will never forget all the tasty and different mix of food that I tried. As I mentioned in my first blog, each city of Peru has their own cuisine. The principal source of ingredients in this area is the Pacific … More Coast Cuisine

Peruvian Cuisine

I arrived yesterday from Peru, weeks ago I decided to surprise my family, and I had the most incredible days as always. Seeing my family and friends is totally worth it. Even more, to have the pleasure to eat after month’s real Peruvian food made my travel a complete success. I have to tell that … More Peruvian Cuisine