Peruvian Cuisine

I arrived yesterday from Peru, weeks ago I decided to surprise my family, and I had the most incredible days as always. Seeing my family and friends is totally worth it. Even more, to have the pleasure to eat after month’s real Peruvian food made my travel a complete success. I have to tell that I miss two things from my country: my family and friends, and of course the food.  Peruvian food is one of the most distinguished cuisines throughout South America and its becoming more famous around the world. That’s why I chose to blog about Peruvian food because nowadays is a trend and also because I want to share more about my country with you. I would need more than a book to share all the variety of food that Peru has, so I will do my best   to explain what I consider the most relevant topics.

When I was a child, I remembered cooking with my grandma. She taught me how to cook, and she gave me a lot of secrets since every dish had a special touch. Peruvian cuisine is not only a mix of cultures, it also represents family traditions. It’s a cuisine with heritage and with roots in the past. During the colonial times, immigrants arrived to Peru and brought with them new ingredients and flavors. Spanish, Indigenous, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, African, have shaped Peruvian food and over a long process of cultural exchange we developed a fusion cuisine. Peruvian cuisine absorbed influences from almost every continent and from our ancient culture Los Incas over the last 500 years.

One of the most important qualities of Peruvian food is that it relays in its incredible diversity. I can say that each region, city, even towns have their own specialties. Peru is divided into three regions: Coast, Andean, and Amazon each region has their own environment that makes possible to cultivate different kinds of food. From more than 3000 varieties of potatoes that grow in the Andean, an unbelievable variety of fish and seafood from the Coast and exotic vegetables and fruit from the Amazon, we are able to create amazing dishes with fresh ingredients. I cannot fail to mention that Peru is also known for its original ingredients like aji peppers, quinoa, aguaymanto, lucuma that allows creating unique dishes.

Peruvian food was always delicious, but not too many people around the world know it. In the recent years, we faced a Peruvian food revolution, and in my opinion, the face of this revolution is one the most famous chef in Peru: Gaston Acurio. His story is incredible he went to Madrid to study law in 1987, but in 1989 he decided to quit the law school and in secret he enrolled to study cooking at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. He returned to Peru in 1994, with one mission spread the word of our country through our food. Nowadays, he owned 33 restaurants in 12 countries, he has published 20 books, including the most recently one Peru: The Cookbook his first book in English. Throughout this blog I will try to the same, obviously on a small scale, spread the word that Peruvian food is amazing and it’s here to stay for a long time.


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